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Direct links to some of San Francisco's most popular activities -- tours, music and theater, etc. -- are at the bottom of this page. Use these links to plan ahead for your visit. If you need help, take advantage of our concierge services. Let us help you create your memories.

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Club Donatello Social Events and educational seminars

Club Donatello sponsors a broad variety of activities to make your stay in San Francisco as lively and interesting as possible -- and to create opportunities for Owners and Guests to meet one another and form new friendships. Owners are notified of upcoming events via the semi-annual Communiqué.

Whether or not you are an Owner, if you would like to know about Social Events  and seminars as soon as plans are finalized, subscribe now for electronic notification and we'll alert you by e-mail when these pages are updated.

In planning for Club Donatello activities, please remember these rules:
  • If an activity requires advance sign-up and payment and you're paying by check, your check must be received at the Club office at least fourteen days before the event or on the deadline date specified for each event. Your reservation will be confirmed after the check arrives.
  • If you need room reservations, you must make these separately, through the regular reservations procedure. We remind you that all cancellations for room bookings must be received by the Club at least 72 hours prior to your reservation date:

    • For Owners using Owner time, a night will be subtracted from your balance of available nights. For Owners using Bonus time, a charge will be made to your credit card for one night at the Bonus rate.
    • For  non-Owner Guests, a charge will be made to your credit card for one night at the rate agreed to on the reservation.

    There are no exceptions to this rule since a late cancellation may mean that someone else was denied use of the room. 
  • The cancellation policy for events varies. In some cases, such as theater tickets, there can be no refunds after the tickets are bought, usually 30 days in advance. 
  • If you have additional questions, call the Club Owner/Guest Relations team at  1-800-258-2366, or fax  415-885-8886.

City Views and Landscapes

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in North America, if not the world. It is certainly high on everyone's list of places to visit. It is also a small city. Its attractions are located in dense concentrations making walking tours very enjoyable and easy to do. While the city is small and its attractions concentrated,  San Francisco also has many micro-climates and topographic differences. The city may be enshrouded in fog on the west and north sides and basking in sunshine downtown at the same time. The hills of San Francisco are as legendary in North America as the hills of Rome.

In addition, San Francisco is surrounded by beautiful countryside, vineyards and wineries, coastline and Redwood forests, and islands in the Bay. Plan to spend some time to visit the neighboring counties of the Bay Area. 

Dining - reflects the diversity of the city

San Francisco is famous for its great cuisine and world-class restaurants which reflect the cosmopolitan tastes of the Bay Area and California. No matter what your preference in flavors, styles and ethnic cuisines, you'll quite likely find it in San Francisco.

Local attractions

San Francisco is a visitor's dream.  And the Club Donatello is the place to start dreaming. Within a small radius you will find many of the City's cultural, and scenic attractions. If you want to explore farther out, public transportation and a car rental company are outside our door, as are San Francisco's iconic cable cars.

San Francisco is the home of the 49ers and the San Francisco Giants. Across the bay in Oakland are the Raiders and the Oakland A's.  Fans of hockey will have to travel down the San Francisco peninsula to San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Bay Area 

There is more to the Bay Area than San Francisco. Redwood groves, vineyards and wineries, scenic shorelines, amusement parks, art colonies with occasional open studios, organic farms and artisan cheese makers and bakers surround the bay. The technology giants of Silicon Valley are just down the San Francisco peninsula in the southern edge of the bay.


San Francisco has world-class shopping at Union Square and at the San Francisco Shopping Centre - well-known names like Tiffany's, Gucci, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Saks, Macy's, Bloomindales, Gump's, Levi Strauss, Nieman Marcus, Abercrombie & Fitch, Kate Spade, Coach, among many others - are all within a few short blocks of the Club Donatello. For a comprehensive overview of the shopping opportunities in our Union Square neighborhood, visit

Planning your trip

You can also make your own contacts directly with the following organizations:

Local Tastes of the City (Eat your way through San Francisco)
San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau (includes events calendar)
San Francisco Symphony
San Francisco Opera
San Francisco Ballet
Best of Broadway
American Conservatory Theater
San Francisco Giants
San Francisco 49ers
Asian Art Museum
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
San Francisco Movie Tours
HobNob Tours (Nob Hill tours)
City Guides (free walking tours)

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